Truth Entrygard FAQ

  1. I received my new operator and the arms are not lining up correctly
    See the Video Below

  2. How do I get the old Entrygard Operators out of my window?
    There are basically two ways to get the old operators out if you have trim work above the window operator base. The first is to remove the trim piece above the operator base to get access to the operator mounting screws. The second method is easier, especially if you are not that handy. The second method involves drilling pilot holes down through the trim to get to the mounting screws. You want to drill a large enough hole to back the screws out and get the new screws in. After you have reinstalled the operator, you can go back and patch the holes, or purchase plastic plugs to fill those holes. Generally, there are only 4 screws holding it in place, and you will only have to drill 2 holes, the other two you can usually reach. Another point is the linkage arm bracket will come off the linkage arm by sliding the stainless steel clip toward the cranking handle, or down the length of the linkage arm.
  3. I have Truth Entrygard Windows
    Truth does not make windows, they only make the hardware that the window manufactures use in there windows. Truth makes window hardware for just about every manufacture except for Pella and Andersen. Some more popular window manufactures who use Truth and Truth Entrygard are Acorn, Avon, Biltbest, Caradco, Certainity, Craftline, Crestline, Eagle, Harvey, Hurd, Johnson-Postman, King, Kolbe & Kolbe, Lincoln, Louisiana-Pacific, MW, Malta, Marvin, National, Norco, Nordic, Pozzi, Row, Semco, Vetter, Weathershield and Windsor just to name a few.
  4. How do I determine the Hand of my windows?
    The Truth Entrygard Operators are usually handed by the side that the window locks on. So, if your window lock or sash lock is on the right side of the window, when you are standing in the house looking out, you would order a Right Hand operator.
  5. I have a Truth Entrygard Operator 30841
    The numbers we find on the Entrygard Operators are just stamping or casting numbers. They do not tell us the exact model that you have, but they do help us narrow it down. Over the past 35 years, we have compiled a list of the numbers we have found on there operators. From these numbers we can make an educated guess as to what you have.
  6. I need a short screw driver to get the screws out of my Entrygard Window
    We do not offer a short screw driver. Besides, even if we had one the mounting screws would not come out because they would hit the underside of the trim covering the operator housing!

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